Thursday, August 22, 2013

Closure. And cheers to new beginnings.

Understanding comes with time and experience. She didn't know this. 

Over the past year, it felt like she'd grown up 5 years. She used to live in a world so tiny, he and only he, mattered. But since that day, her world was opened up to a whole lot more than it used to be. 

People say that breakups are always not one side's fault. She agrees but disagrees. And then only now, she finally knew, he wasn't entirely wrong. She has her faults without knowing, though not knowing is not any excuse. He wasn't any better, but surely he knew better. About personal space, about trust, about independence and so much more, she now nods in silence whenever what he said rings in her head. He had tried to teach her, to no avail of course. And this was her lesson. A lesson is called a lesson for a reason. Well, she has learned to forgive herself the moment these senses come to her. After all, she somehow knew it would all make sense one day if she was patient enough.

As for him, whatever is done is the past and forgiven. It sure is true that his love wasn't as much as hers, but she knows now it's as difficult in his shoes, if not more. Time and experience sure showed her that. So to that one last chance, she wants to thank him, for being kind enough to feel he probably owes her at least that try--that try to give in full effort to love her once, and letting her go harsh enough after knowing he did his best. She thanks him for his last efforts, because she now knows it must not have been easy.

All in all, she is still glad she met him. Three years is not long, but he is part of her growth. He has given her so much to feel, from love to hate, from good to bad, from wrong to right, so much. He is the reason she stepped out of home, and started her journey. If it wasn't for him, she would never end up in this place where she is now, so contented with the place, her job and the people surrounding her. 

He might not have been the ideal one, but he sure was an epic one.

I have a confession to make.

She, is me.

And I'm ready to be friends with you. Whenever you're ready. =)

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